Poster Programme


Effect of solvent on the rheology of polyelectrolytes
Anish Gulati and Carlos G. Lopez
RWTH Aachen University, Germany


Performance Enhancement of Recycled Polypropylene by Incorporation of Graphene Nanoplatelets
Ghanshyam Hirani1, Karanveer Aneja2, Anna Motta2, and James Elliott1
1University of Cambridge, UK
2Talga Technologies Limited UK, UK


Spectroscopic Ellipsometry as a Route to Thermodynamic Characterization
Ronald White1, Jane Lipson1, Joseph Keddie2, Alexia Beale2, Dragos Buculei2 and Iilas Goovaerts2
1Dartmouth College, UK
2University of Surrey, UK


Facile design of complex structural color response by wrinkling of plasma-oxidised PDMS
Zain Ahmad, Annabelle Tan, Luca Pellegrino and Joao Cabral
Imperial College London, UK


Thermodynamics of Highly Interacting Blend PCHMA/dPS by TOF-SANS
William Sharratt1, Joao Cabral1, and Nigel Clarke2
1Imperial College London, UK
2The University of Sheffield, UK


Dynamic Light Scattering of polymer solutions in microfluidic flow
Luis Torquato and Joao Cabral
Imperial College London, UK


Materials for Bioelectronic Applications
Rachel Lee, Mark Geoghegan and Marloes Peeters
Newcastle University, UK


Composition dependence of surface energy of films of an immiscible polymer blend
Mai Ibrahim and Mark Geoghegan
Newcastle University, UK


Atomistic Simulations of Polyhydroxybutyrate
Nisha Middleton, Karen Johnston and Paul Mulheran
University of Strathclyde, UK


XMaS: the multifaceted UK beamline at the European Synchrotron. From magnetic to soft and polymeric materials
Edgar Gutierrez Fernandez, Olga Filmonova, Oier Bikondoa, Laurence Bouchenoire, Paul Thompson, Didier Wermeille
University of Liverpool, UK


Inhibiting Conformational Transitions in Silk Fibroin Protein via its Bioconjugation with Polymers: Making Solvent-Free Silk Liquid
Raj Kumar, Anuya Nisal, and Kamendra P. Sharma

  Multi-scale Modelling of Polymer Composites
Lois Smith1, Paola Carbone1, and Ali Karimi2
1University of Manchester, UK
2Continental AG

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1 September 2022

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1 September 2022

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